31 of May, 2022

Promotional Video - Have a look on the Project’s results

28 of June, 2021

Promotional Video - Have a look on the Project’s objectives and target


27 of April 2022

Final Conference

23 of September 2021

How to find funding, training and support for the development of your new business

14 of July 2021

Soft skills and Smart villages: communicate your business effectively

28 of May, 2021

Better Balance for Women Entrepreneurs


Meeting – 4th of February 2022

Organization of the meeting with experts of the AB

Meeting – 21 of February 2022

After the roundtable with AB discussion and next steps

Meeting - 17th of March 2022

Organization and discussion on the final video

Meeting - 20st of April 2022

Discussione on the Dop (content and timing) and closing activities

Meeting – 2nd of December 2021

Consortium Meeting on project update

Meeting - 3rd September 2021

Shading light on relevant features of smart villages for women

Meeting - 21st June 2021

Sharing results from research about smart villages and female entrepreneurial programs in Europe with the support of Expert from the Advisory Board Barbara Sladek (myBioma)

Meeting - 10th May 2021

Planning Workshops for female entrepreneurs

Meeting - 16th April 2021

Research on smart villages and entrepreneurial programs for women in Europe is going on.

Kick-off meeting - 15th March 2021

Partners started to meet and to plan the activities.

SARA Project Questionnaire


If you are a female entrepreneur or thinking about founding a business as a woman, we encourage you to join us in our endeavour to improve business support offers. Please fill in the survey and share your views and experiences with us to support the development of women entrepreneurship.