The project is focused on designing and updating clear, demand-driven methodologies to foster female entrepreneurship. The operational objectives are based on:

  • Encourage and promote transnational collaboration. The Project connects 4 partners in 4 Eu countries. Each partner involves its own network to increase the number of stakeholders informed of the project results. The idea is to create an international network of mayors to support women entrepreneurship.
  • Exchange of experiences & common analysis of the State of Art. We analyze (1) smart villages services, (2) women entrepreneurship programs, (3) survey for female unmet needs to create new value, (4) survey for mayors opinion and vision for their villages.
  • Establishment of a mutual learning work methodology between innovation agencies. We develop at least 2 specific tools (better support to women and model for smart villages), and 1 DOP.
  • Sharing of the results obtained and transfer of best practices to SMEs and third parties.
  • In the long-term, social awareness regarding women opportunities.

SARA project proposes that small villages would be enriched with initiatives which would support women in two ways:

  • From one side there would be initiatives directed to women such as meetings, webinars, educational programs. These initiatives would impact directly to women self-confidence and professional empowerment. The model advances specific actions for women. Training should be built on thorough analysis of the training needs, both prior and throughout women’s engagement into business. Training needs of women regarding entrepreneurial awareness and sensitization should be assessed. Education and training would consider gender, thus promoting learning, leadership and empowerment programs, developing self-efficacy among women entrepreneurs and promoting their role in corporate management and company boards. Education is integrated with early exposure to entrepreneurial success stories thus encouraging and inspiring new women to start new business (Training and support for women entrepreneurship, European Training Foundation, 2014).
  • From the other side, small villages is designed as an ideal context in which women can find all the kind of support depending on their special needs. The supports are access to nursery or children care services even after work hours, access to laundry services, small and typical shops where find essential goods and others. In essence, small villages offer access to networks and training as two powerful elements in female empowerment and action considering gender needs.


Destinazioni Innovative (DestInn) is a factoryLab in which business themes and ideas with strong innovative features are developed.
For us the social innovation is an “innovative destination” that we try to improve or enrich with our method and our skills, and for this reason we have promoted the SaraProject together with professional partners.
For more information about our activities www.destinazioninnovative.com

As Tough Tech Incubator of Lower Austria, accent supports projects that combine innovative technologies with “state of the art” science and technology.
Every year, Accent is introduced to around 200 projects, most of which come from the scientific research community or have a close connection to scientific institutions. After intensive review around 10 – 15 Of these are accepted into our incubation.
During the incubation, our projects receive the following services, among many others: Coaching, Network, Know-How through Impulse Sessions. This support over the first 18 – 24 months creates an excellent basis for successful business development.

Primorski Tehnološki Park is an institution that supports the development of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativity. We use modern entrepreneurial methods, establish connexions between entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, advisors, researchers and other experts, and create optimal conditions for the creation, growth and development of businesses. We see a lot of potential in new and young companies and support them from the first steps to great success.

The European Business Innovation Centre of Murcia (CEEIM) is a non-profit organisation located in South-East of Spain whose mission is to:
– Support, encourage, and promote entrepreneurship, especially on high technology fields, innovation, and creativity.
– Promote an entrepreneurial spirit and business innovation in society, whilst encouraging an entrepreneurial culture from early ages.
– Support the creation and consolidation of innovative technology-based companies
– Facilitate the raise of smart capital and the professionalization of private investors through Murcia Ban CEEIM creates and implements new and innovative methodologies in the field of business creation, support and consolidation, specifically meeting startup needs.